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Detrimental Effects of Using Marijuana and Tips on How to Quit

It is hard to get addicted to marijuana especially at a young age because of its numerous effects on the body. The chances of getting lung cancer would increase by 5 when you smoke marijuana compared to smoking cigarettes, and everybody knows smoking cigarettes is already bad enough.


Effects of Using Marijuana

Smoking marijuana also causes abnormality in the sperm cells of men and the menstrual cycle of women. Other physical effects include dizziness, increased appetite, dry mouth, shallow breathing and a slow reaction time, which means if you drive after using marijuana, then there is a big chance you will get into a car accident.

Effects After Using Marijuana

When you get addicted to it, you are going to feel the effects when you suddenly stop; like losing sleep, less appetite and cravings for various unhealthy food that will lead to even more horrible effects if you end up craving for chocolates, ice cream, red meat and too much rice. It could lead to another sickness like diabetes and heart failure.

The feeling of being high after using marijuana is what makes a lot of people want to use them over and over again. However, it is not good for the mood as it can lead to short-term memory, anxiety, depression, paranoia, random thinking and a distorted sense of time. These effects are the ones you will feel a few hours after using it.

The worst part about marijuana is 10% of the people who used it become addicted to it. It can also lead to trying harder drugs such as cocaine and heroin that could lead to even more serious effects for the user. For males, marijuana can put down their libido that would lower the times you have sex. There is also a relation between marijuana and mental health problems like depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts.

How to Quit Using Marijuana

A lot of people have tried marijuana withdrawal and tried quitting, but went back eventually. The most common reason for doing this is because they experienced numerous symptoms when they tried to quit it. Some people don’t realize they are experiencing marijuana withdrawal as they could be in a bad mood, and they end up blaming whoever they see. It is best to quit marijuana for good.

The first step would be to throw all the materials into the dumpster so you won’t be tempted to get them again. That means putting lighters, bongs, matches, roach clips into that stinking dumpster. If you have a number of the guy you are dealing drugs with, then delete it right away. If you feel you are a disciplined person, then set a schedule on your calendar to lessen your use of marijuana; until you stop using it completely.

Another solution would be to start joining group therapy sessions as the pressure from peers will catch up when you meet other people who have a similar problem. But the best thing to do is to see a psychiatrist.

Important Information About Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine is also known as coke or benzoylmethylecgonine. This drug is usually as a strong stimulant that can be used as a recreational drug. This drug is usually inhaled, snorted, and also injected into the veins immediately. However, this drug can bring some negative side effects in most people these days. Some people are going to suffer from high blood pressure, high body temperature, sweating, large pupils, fast heart rate, and any other negative side effects. Because of this reason, most countries usually prohibit their citizens to consume cocaine in their daily life. Here are some important things that you need to know about this drug.

How People Get Addicted to Cocaine

When you want to learn more about cocaine addiction, you need to know about certain effects of this drug. When you consume this drug regularly, you are going to trigger reward pathway in your brain. Cocaine can leave pleasant feeling, especially when this drug is frequently taken. Cocaine can inhibit the reuptake process of norepinephrine, dopamine, and also serotonin hormones in your body. As the result, you can have great concentrations of these neurotransmitters in your brain. These hormones are going to trigger the brain activity significantly.

Some Negative Effects of Cocaine

Although cocaine can stimulate the overall brain function, this drug should never be consumed frequently and excessively. You will be able to find some negative cocaine effects that may occur in most people these days. This drug can increase the risk of stroke, lung infection, myocardial infarction, blood infection, and also cardiac death. In some cases, cocaine is usually consumed with other ingredients, such as sugar, quinine, cornstarch, and many other products. The combination of these products can increase the toxicity of the cocaine in your body nowadays.

edited IMG_8002Effects of Cocaine Withdrawal

Before you stop your cocaine consumption, you need to learn about some effects of cocaine withdrawal. This process is going to cause some unpleasant side effects that may occur in your body. There are some common symptoms that are related to cocaine withdrawal, for example anxiety, depression, body aches, pain, tremors, shakiness, inability to feel pleasure, reduced concentration, and also intense craving for cocaine. These symptoms usually occur for about 1 – 2 weeks after you start reducing your cocaine consumption in your daily life. When you have serious symptoms in this period, you need to consult with professional doctors immediately.

How to Quit Cocaine


When you want to reduce your cocaine consumption, you need to learn about how to quit cocaine properly. It is a great idea for you to visit the best cocaine addiction treatment center. This place usually has some professionals or medical experts who know how to help you stop your cocaine addiction. Most doctors are going to provide some detox products that are available on the market. These products are very useful to remove any toxins that can be produced by cocaine in your body. You also need to have a healthy lifestyle, to help you stop consuming cocaine completely.

Drugs That Are Trending With Youngsters Today

medicineIt’s not a secret that teens out of their curious natures will all be tempted to –and possibly go so far as– experiment with the effects of illegal substances like alcohol and marijuana. In addition to age restricted substances, however, recent reports have found teens and younger children have turned their attention to whatever they can find the at will produce a momentary lapse of their senses.

Today, they’re climbing in your medicine kits and snatching up your prescription painkillers, then on to your office to grab the cleaners and wash that down with some energy drinks. Things are serious!

Here are three of the most trendy drugs kids are experimenting with.

Energy Drinks in Elementary School.

Drinks that combine the caffeine and alcohol have been found especially destructive and even deadly in recent years. Teens and college students have died from the effects of Four Loko and similar products, but the epidemic has not ended there. Elementary school kids are also downing highly caffeinated products for their signature buzz.

Even without alcohol these drinks are hazardous to the health of small kids.

“These Energy Drinks are the gateway drug of small kids,” reports Mike Gimbel, an educator on the national substance abuse, “The down the stuff like water, now we have small kids in the nurse’s office with heart palpitations, Heart palpitations, I say. “

Gimbel goes on to report how he has observed an increasing fascination of grade school kids who use caffeinated gel strips like those produced by the Sheets brand. Each strip has as much caffeine as a cup of coffee, and they will put as many as 5 or 6 in their mouth at one time.

Such large amounts of caffeine in such small children, especially those with small bodies, can cause stroke, seizures or even be fatal, according to a report by the American Association of Pediatrics.

Huffing the Dust-Off

Inhaling stuff you find around the house, or huffing, has been happening since before my time. Nowadays, the thing to Huff is Dust-Off. Dust-Off is a cleaning agent sold freely over the counter at most office supply outlets. Inhaled this can produce a few seconds to a few minutes of feeling high.

The attraction to this inhalant is that the effects are so readily felt, “ explains Harvey Weiss of the National Inhalant Prevention Coalition, “You don’t have to wait for too long before you begin to feel those effects.”

Inhalants can cause many maladies of the respiratory system including nosebleeds, nausea, impaired coordination and in some cases even death.

Parents should be concerned if their child begins to show signs of inhalant abuse like rashes around the nose and mouth, dropping grades, changes in friends, weight loss or the pungent odor of the substance on their breath or clothes.

Even though many states attempt to regulate the sale of these products many are readily available and it is the responsibility of the parent to monitor the activities of any child with access to these products.

Many parents say they were aware the products were used as inhalants but never even thought their child would do something like this and therefore never took preventative measures, more’s the pity.

Pharm Parties

pillsPharm parties are all the rage with the young and reckless, so keep a weather eye on your medicine cabinet and the company your kids keep. Along with the alcohol plentiful at these social junctures is a large assortment of prescription medication that Mum and Dad will be wondering about in the morning. They serve up Xanax, Valium, Prozac, Ecstasy, Percocets and even highly addictive opioids like morphine, OxyContin, and Vicodin.

Also known as skittles parties, because of the brightly colored pills, these parties often feature a potluck selection of pills generously dumped Halloween candy style on a table for the amusement and stupefaction of the guests.

According to a recent report made by the experts at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, more people die from prescription overdoses than from cocaine and heroin each year. The addiction to opioids is much more serious than many people understand.

Nothing good ever comes from the reckless disregard for caution. When something does go wrong to one of these kids, as so often is the case, the parent’s reaction is invariably shock and horror. “Not My Child, I always assumed he knew better, so I never talked about it with them, “ they say.

So talk to your child; even if you think they already know. Understanding the personal convictions of a parent is a yardstick for the decisions a youngster will make in his life, so be sure you have conveyed your convictions (PROPERLY!!) to your youngsters.

Note: If you are not sure how to have this important talk with your kids or where to begin. There are many resources for support in the community and online. Summon the experience of others to aid you.

How A Urine Test Works

image of how urine test works 1For over 20 years now, companies have relied upon urine drug tests as a means of determining if someone is using drugs while on the job. It has become a tried-and-true method of drug testing, used heavily because it is cheap and easy to conduct. How is it done though, and just how accurate is it?


Any time that there is a question of the ability of someone to do their job because of drugs, testing is done. Many companies have random policies so that employees do not know when the urine test is going to happen. In addition, pre-employment drug testing is becoming more and more common throughout the United States. Drug testing through urine is also done in athletics as a means of determining if someone is using performance-enhancing drugs. If there has been an accident on the job, urine drug testing is also done as part of the post-accident investigation. Safety-related drug testing is also done, especially when the general public is in danger of someone who is on drugs, in the transportation, for example.


What The Heck Is Synthetic Cannabis?

image of synthetic cannabis 1Everyone knows what cannabis is, but one interesting new product in the marijuana scope of things is synthetic cannabis. Essentially, synthetic cannabis is any drug that mimics the effects of cannabis sprayed onto an herbal base.


Synthetic cannabis first began to appear in the early 2000s when developers wanted to achieve an effect through natural herbs. It was found in research done in 2008 that, in fact, the natural herbs contained synthetic cannabinoids that impacted the body in a similar way to cannabis.


How Do Hair Drug Tests Work?

image of hair drug testing 1Hair Test Introduction

Many companies are beginning to implement drug tests as a way to make sure employees and the public are safe when employees are doing their job. More often than not, drug tests are done with urine because it is cheap and easy to do, but that is beginning to change. More and more companies are now looking to do drug tests that are based on the hair follicle testing.

Despite the higher costs, companies are turning to the hair test because it can detect drug use as far back as ninety days. Even so, there are people that beat their hair test by using detox shampoos (yes, they do drugs). After some research, we were able to find multiple websites that are designed to help people pass their hair strand test. It’s an interesting topic and one we plan to discuss on the blog in a future post. (more…)

Cheating Urine Drug Tests With Synthetic Urine

image of urine sample 1While many companies are using urine tests as a means of determining what employees are using drugs on the job, many other employees are looking for an edge that helps them pass the test. Nonetheless, using drugs while being employed in an industry where safety is key is a serious problem and cheating drug tests is not only immoral, it is illegal. One of the most common trends right now is the use of synthetic urine to alter a drug test. Click here to learn more.

What is it?

Synthetic urine is a new trend that involves using a synthesized substance that simulates the composition, chemical properties and appearance of urine. (more…)